It's finally time to enter December.










It's now a "seller's market".
It's hard to find job seekers at this time of year. I think it's a very difficult time to hire.

"Everyone wouldn't be in trouble if they could collect them easily." "And now is the worst timing."

•Before and after the period of assessment and evaluation: There are a certain number of people who are currently concerned about how they will be evaluated in the job change market.
•There was a change in boss or restructuring of the organization: There are many motivations for changing jobs, such as being unable to do what one wanted to do due to a change in environment.
•When mid-career hiring plans are made: When the new fiscal year begins and new positions begin to be hired, movement becomes active.
•Many people want to retire after receiving a bonus: There are a certain number of people who start looking for a new job several months before the bonus is paid.

In the middle of the corona misfortune... the current situation is that the treatment of the young restaurant industry is rising.

"If there is a job you would like, please let me know."

* We have received requests for recruitment such as Omotesando and Ginza.


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