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居抜き物件はスケルトン物件であれば、一坪 60から80万円、居抜き物件であれば10万円から40万円と費用を抑えられます。資金の内訳は、物件を借りる際に必要な費用と、内装や設備工事費用、看板やメニューを作成する費用です。物件を借りる際の費用は物件取得費用と呼ばれますが、物件を買うということではなく、契約時に必要な保証金(敷金)を指します。




The average start-up capital is approximately 10 million yen, and small restaurants are calculated by multiplying the number of tsubo by 600,000 to 800,000 yen, so the capital cost can be up to 15 million yen.

If you have at least 3 million yen of your own funds, it is possible to start a business.

When you first open a restaurant, some people think that it will be busy with many customers coming in every day, but in reality, there are cases where only one group of customers comes in a day.

There are many cases where a restaurant does not turn a profit for several months after opening. Therefore, you will need to prepare around 3 million yen in your own funds. However, when considering obtaining a loan, you can also say, ``If I have 3 million yen of my own funds, I can open a restaurant.''

Also, if you want to keep costs down, it is effective to sign a contract for a vacant property.

If the property is a skeleton property, the cost can be reduced from 600,000 to 800,000 yen per tsubo, and from 100,000 yen to 400,000 yen if it is a vacant property. The breakdown of funds is the cost necessary to rent the property, the cost of interior decoration and equipment construction, and the cost of creating signs and menus. The cost of renting a property is called the property acquisition cost, but it does not refer to the purchase of the property, but rather the security deposit (security deposit) required at the time of signing the contract.

The security deposit when renting a property is generally 10 months to 1 year's rent.
For example, if the property is ``1 year security deposit, 3 months depreciation'', 9 months security deposit will be refunded when you cancel the contract. However, keep in mind that whether or not you can find a property you can live in depends on timing.

The interior and equipment construction costs can be said to be at least 100,000 yen per tsubo to 500,000 yen per tsubo for a vacant property, and approximately 700,000 yen per tsubo for a skeleton property. If you don't have a vacant property, you can save money by purchasing recycled chairs and tables.

When opening a restaurant, there are ways to take advantage of grants and subsidies. Unlike subsidies, you can receive a loan if you meet the conditions, and you can apply for it at any time. If you pass the loan screening, you will be given an advance loan. There are differences between subsidies, subsidies, and loans, so let's check the differences between each and the local government's system.

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