April Fool 2024🌸





Today, I took a walk in Shinsaibashi, Osaka,
which is considered to be the origin of my work, on my way home from work.
It's much renewed compared to before,
Most of our customers are inbound tourists.
Speaking of "culture," that's all I can say, but I was interested in the lively cityscape.
Isn't it "Ginza"? It's such a transformation that you can't help but hum.
​In my previous job, I also worked on collaborative projects with the brands mentioned above.

I might be called a liar, but I'm excited💓!
It's April Fool's Day, so please forgive me!

I am determined to do my best in my new location in Osaka.
"Ebisu san" Can you do more exciting for Expo 2025 Osaka!

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