Great World Cup ⚽…

Congratulations Argentina!
Next time France 🇫🇷….






⚽The World Cup is over,
and the streets should be in 🎄Christmas production mode...

A corona watchman came to the restaurant I support.
This is a check to prevent the spread of corona infections at the end of the year.

Preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections

It seems that public institutions are recommending self-restraint such as year-end parties due to the influence of the 8th wave.
I've been tormented so much, and I want a policy that will support me...
If the food and beverage industry does not thrive, the lives of those who work will not improve.
The shop is in a situation where it is forced to withdraw and withdraw without being able to plan any further.

Due to the labor shortage, I am also providing personnel follow-up at three restaurants.
While keeping in mind that "I am independent, because I not work for an hourly wage any thing "
Today, night after night, I will deliver dish go to the downtown area.


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