Restaurant O-Bouche Open.


You connect serviceは、O-boucheのオープニングに辺り、 人材ビジネスでの支援を行います。

O-Boucheは素晴らしい食材を探しだしてシェフの料理経験の中からその食材を最大限に美味しく召し上がって頂く為の技術 技法を惜しみなく使い1皿に仕上げていきます。美味しい料理と美味しいワインやお酒で食事を楽しんで貰いたいお店を作っていきたいと語っています。

Our partner chef Kazuyoshi Mizuguchi opened a restaurant in Hatchobori, Tokyo.
You connect service will provide support in the human resources business for the opening of O-bouche. 
Chef Mizuguchi, who has cooperated with us as a partner for 20 years, as well as the Yokohama opening project.

O-Bouche, we search for wonderful ingredients and use our chef's cooking experience to create a dish that uses techniques and techniques to maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients. He says that he wants to create a restaurant where people can enjoy their meals with delicious food and delicious wine and sake.

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