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ベーカリーレストランSincere N°は、料理+ワイン+パンを主軸に朝から全てが楽しめる、パン工房が併設された唯一無二なレストランです。

"Family meals and the joy of cooking again"

TruffleBAKERY aims to be a restaurant that is more than just a place to serve delicious food.
In addition to being delicious, it is a place that provides a fun space.
I would like to exist as a place that provides not only "eating" but also the enjoyment of being in that space by sharing the place and the food there with family and friends.

The bakery restaurant Sincere N° is a one-of-a-kind restaurant with a bread workshop where you can enjoy everything from the morning, focusing on food + wine + bread.
With the theme of Hokkaido food, we offer dishes that allow you to taste the deliciousness of local ingredients.
Through cooking, we will convey the goodness of the world-famous northern ingredients to the whole world.
It is a restaurant where you can enjoy not only the taste of the dishes, but also a variety of dishes that are beautiful to look at in a sophisticated space.


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