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北海道には、鮭やホタテ、昆布などの海産物、牛肉や乳製品、じゃがいもなどの農産物ともに、日本国内トップクラスの生産量を誇る特産品がたくさんあります。夏に旬を迎える北海道の果物の中でおすすめなのは、メロンやさくらんぼ、ブルーベリー、いちごなど。 北海道のメロンは夕張メロンやふらのメロンなどさまざまな品種があり、贈答品に用いられることもある高級なフルーツです。

Hokkaido hotels attract many people from inside and outside the prefecture and from all over the world, and you can enjoy meeting a variety of people. Hokkaido is a large city with many young people working in Honshu, so weddings and funerals in Hokkaido are also a valuable opportunity to meet people you haven't seen in a long time. The work of the customer service industry, which makes these occasions more memorable, is sure to be rewarding.

The job of a customer service worker is to interact with customers, communicate with them, and provide "value" to make them satisfied. If you are a hotel front desk staff, your main duties will be reservations, check-in, check-out, accounting, and guiding customers. You will also be responsible for room allocation, contacting cleaning staff and the food and beverage department. The work of front desk staff at weddings and funerals, i.e. bridal and funeral ceremonies, is similar to that of a hotel, but in many cases you will also be responsible for planning and proposing the ceremony, creating estimates, and progressing and managing the schedule.

Hokkaido boasts many specialty products, including seafood such as salmon, scallops, and kelp, as well as agricultural products such as beef, dairy products, and potatoes, and boasts one of the highest production volumes in Japan. Recommended fruits in Hokkaido that are in season in summer include melons, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Hokkaido melons come in various varieties, such as Yubari melons and Furano melons, and are high-quality fruits that are often used as gifts.

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